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To extend your payment methods and access unrivalled functionality.

In addition to the most popular payment methods (CB, VISA, MasterCard), payments via Paypal, your web users can use American Express, iDEAL, Maestro, ELV, Cofinoga, etc.

Easy Pack also offers you the most advanced functionality:

one click, payment in three instalments, subscription, order-taking by telephone (virtual payment terminal), etc.

No start-up fee, without obligation

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Over 40 payment methods available

Additional payment

Reporting to control your sales in real time

Security and anti-fraud features

Let your customers choose from more than 40 payment methods suitable for all uses Cut your dropout rate with additional payments offering the option of paying with 2 different payment methods Monitor your sales and baskets for all your payment methods and export your data for a detailed and centralized analysis Protect yourself against fraud and the risk of non-payment: systematic analysis of transactions, filtering tools, control the 3D Secure disconnecting system



15 € /month
35 € /month
95 € /month
250 €
Number of monthly transactions included
Transaction prices beyond the package
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