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To boost, convert and consolidate all your sales from any country, all your channels of any kind.

The "ultimate" solution that natively includes all your marketing channels (web, mobile, call centre, etc.), multiple currencies and banks, all forms of payment (cards, direct debits, etc.) as well as all sale accelerators: one click, payment on dispatch, etc.

The most comprehensive packaged service on the market: multiple payment methods, 114 currencies accepted and about twenty languages available... with an unparalleled back office tool.
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Some of the Pack's functionality

A multiple currency, multi-country, multilingual solution

All payment facilities

Fully adaptable to your "customer path-to-purchase"

Advanced fraud prevention module

Deploy a solution available in over 20 languages, 26 countries and accepting 114 different currencies. Offer novel payment facilities with the Payline wallet and boost your conversion rate: One-click payment, payment in three instalments, subscription, payment on dispatch. Fully customize your customer journey by integrating payment pages via iframe or redirection, a webservice API for direct integration on your site, full customization of your payment page and the payment URL. Offer unique high security on your payment pages thanks to Payline tools: expert and behavioural rules based on the customer's buying history, real-time alerting of any detected suspicion, authentication mechanisms.



15 € /month
35 € /month
95 € /month
250 €
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