Innovation is at the heart of Payline's strategy, but it is dictated by a single priority: to facilitate the purchase and reassure the consumer. Five years of innovation have forged the expertise of Payline; write the next chapter with us.


2013 : An AJAX API for a limitless user experience and optimal security (PCI DSS)

Designed for traders wishing to control their customer experience from start to finish without the constraints of PCI-DSS rules, our new payment interface is truly the ideal solution for cutting your dropout rate and customizing your customer experience. Its principle is simple:

You develop your site of pages for selecting the payment method and entering the card details. To this page you add the Payline API, which converts sensitive data into a single-use token. You use this token in place of the card data to issue payment requests in API/webservice mode.

This has many advantages:
- the consumer does not leave your site
- No sensitive data enters your information system
- You control your customer experience from end to end
- You access all the functionality offered by payline in api mode.

Payline's AJAX API suits both web and mobile interfaces, to further enrich the user experience.



2012 : New anti-fraud module that incorporates your customer knowledge

Faced with the ingenuity of fraudsters, Payline's teams have designed a brand new anti-fraud module that optimizes filters more specifically by exploiting your customer and business knowledge. This very efficient tool controls each parameter of the payment transaction (IP address, card country, product sold, basket, etc.) to define the best possible preventive measures without penalizing your sales!

Thanks to our new module, you can adapt the path to payment and fraud prevention measures according to user: whitelist, greylist or blacklist, you choose and adapt your anti-fraud rules to the profile of your customers and transactions made. Your loyal customers can purchase on your site quite simply without needing to authenticate themselves with the 3D Secure system for instance. Other users with profiles identified as riskier by the type of card they use or their IP address will be offered other choices: the system rates their level of risk as higher and their purchases are limited for instance. Finally, certain potentially high-risk users will be blocked and will not be able to make transactions on your site. Furthermore, with the Payline anti-fraud module, you benefit from weekly and monthly tracking and can thus measure the suitability and performance of your rules.

A suitable tool to boost your sales and fight fraud!




2011 : Second payment method by Payline: cut your dropout rate and boost your sales

The second payment method implemented by Payline now lets the e-commerce site offer another payment method if the buyer's card is refused. On average, 15 out of 100 bank card authorization requests are rejected, more often than not because the spending limit is exceeded. Now, if a card is refused for a payment on Payline, the e-vendor can offer the buyer another payment method: American Express, Cofinoga card, Paypal, etc. If 10% of web users do so, the site's conversion rate rises by a total of 1.5%.



2010 : 3D Secure can be disconnected to increase your conversion rate

Payline adds to its e-platform payment the 3DSecure control function, which lets the site set criteria governing activation of the buyer authentication system. The three main criteria whereby the e-vendor may decide to invoke 3DSecure are the buyer's IP address, the geographical origin of the card and the amount of the order. The vendor can combine these criteria and decide for instance to invoke 3DSecure for purchases in excess of 30 euros made from Ukraine. Moreover, he can create his own lists: he may decide not to request 3DSecure authentication for his long-standing customers. The vendor creates his white, grey and black lists and decides whether or not to apply 3DSecure authentication to them. A new tool for the e-vendor, facilitating payment and boosting his conversion rate.




2009 : Payline Report: An iPhone and iPad application to measure one's sales in real time

Payline offers real-time commercial information on an e-commerce site thanks to its new Payline Report application. Running on iPhone and iPad, this application developed in partnership with Amesys is intended for all decision-makers and site managers who need visibility to better conduct their operations: CEOs, Marketing departments, Finance Departments...

Sales figures, number of transactions, average spend: the main indicators for a commercial website are presented per day, per week or per month, as one chooses! Intuitive, very easy to set up and use, this innovation reflects the philosophy of all Payline developments: priority is given to simplicity, service and optimized conversion rates.



2008 : Payline, a smart way of paying on one's smartphone

Payline innovates and offers a new solution offering e-vendors a fully optimized version of their payment pages for the main smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry and Android). This totally customizable solution preserves the visual identity familiar to buyers when making Internet or mobile payments.

Combined with 1-click payment, Payline offers its customers a powerful solution generating impulse buying.

Using Payline on state-of-the-art mobiles offers all the benefits of Payline like an administration centre for simplified management on a day-to-day basis. Payline customers can monitor and control their activity: add new payment methods, prepare transaction reports, approve pending authorizations, etc.