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Testing Payline is easy, swift and free.
Just take the following steps:

Create a Payline
test account

Configure your
trader account

Test Payline

Create an account Configure Login
This step lets you create an account in the certification environment, necessary for Payline integration. Fill in the second test account creation form and specify the URL of your online store, its address and company name, and then click 'Finish'. Your account is created and you receive your login details by e-mail. Enter your identifiers to log in.

Once authenticated, just follow the integration guide indications step by step. This will let you integrate Payline on your site and test Payline without generating any actual payment transactions.



Request online activation of your account

You have tested Payline and are satisfied?

Return the application form and technical rider to the contract to our sales department (these documents were e-mailed to you when you created your test account):

integrez card EN
tesT Account

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